Stop and Smell…

        … you know what I’m going to say.  “… the roses.”  We live such a slow paced, totally ‘laxed lifestyle that I never thought I’d need any one to tell me this.

        Until I ventured out into my gardens for the first time all summer just the other day, to trim back the spent blooms and plants.  How sad is that?  Judging by how many spent blooms there were to cut off of the plants that fill about 9 gardens around my home, I was slapped with the reality of what a splendid show I somehow missed out on.

        It was especially apparent with my exhausted single rose bush.  I cut back several feet of stems, quickly tossing them to the ground into a pile.  As I bent to pick up the pile I found one last bud, about to pop open and I felt so incredibly sad.   For almost discarding it and for overlooking all those that had bloomed before it.   Amazingly, it flourished without my attention just as the rest of my garden did.

        And unfortunately, I’m now realizing it isn’t just my garden that I am oddly missing out on.  How is life passing me by so quickly – and what am I doing to miss it?  I’m not constantly running from activity to activity.  I don’t work away from my home.  My kids aren’t even gone away to school!  I’m not busy with sessions …

        I just need to stop, smell the roses, and be present.  Somehow clear my brain of the fog it often seems to be in and just focus.  Gosh, deja vu.  I know I’ve said this before and will unfortunately say it again.  At least in this one little case, I salvaged the rose bud, and enjoyed it’s sight and beautiful smell for the rest of it’s lovely little life.

        And it motivated me to take the boys to a local farm store and purchase some fall annuals to fill these pots that remained ugly and ignored all season long … (and for a bargain … each gallon plant only cost $2!)

        It felt rejuvenating to dig my hands into the dirt and have quiet time in the rain, just thinking about the placement of the plants.  I was  present.  I just don’t know why it can’t be so simple to focus this clearly on every other task I take on.

        Particularly parenting.  *sigh*

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        • Lori Jaeski - This is such an important message Lacey. I often wonder where time is slipping away to when I’m not looking. It just passes so quickly! Love the rose bud pictures – so glad you salvaged and enjoyed that one. Great pot too, but I think the cat totally steals the show in that one. 😉ReplyCancel

        • Elena - Beautiful macro photography! I can’t believe you still have roses, but I guess I am still gettin ripe veggies. Love it!ReplyCancel

        • Mom - That’s a good word of advice for all of us and to count our blessings every day. I whisper to myself often to appreciate my health, my loved ones, my senses, etc., because you never know what tomorrow may bring….no regrets.

          XOXOXO to my oh-so-precious grandsons from GrammieReplyCancel

        • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita - It’s an important message. Every once in a while it really hits home. All we can do is try our best.ReplyCancel

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