Five on Friday

1. Welcome to breakfast at the Meyers’ household.  I find it incredibly ironic (and humorous) that on the first day of rifle-hunting season our home was bombarded by deer.  Mostly, because Matt is not rifle hunting for deer this year.

Here, there are 7 in our backyard eating our birdseed and being totally un-phased by the fact that we were chatting with them out the back door.  

I encouraged this little buck to come back in a few months.  🙂


Really?  Girl, have some self-control.

2.  Matt peeked over my shoulder the other day when I told him to “Look at this picture of Cooper …”  His response … “How many pictures do you need of him doing that (ie.  looking at the camera).

I don’t know how many … a lot.  But what I do know by looking at these is that 1. I need to wipe his face off more often 2. He has a lot of expressions and 3. I need to use the right side of my frame more often.

3.   I am totally playing catch-up here.  I find it very hard to continue photographing our everyday lives when I have so many photos sitting around waiting to be blogged.  And unfortunately for me, I feel like every photo I take should be blogged.  Maybe unfortunately for you, too.  🙂 I have no doubt that eventually I’ll get over that feeling and will be much more selective in my sharing.

4.  Until then, though … here’s to catching up on sharing some shots from our recent trip to Seattle …

Uncle Boe made the boys some guitars…

Which, they loved.

And they recorded a song about it here … 

We also went to a park that my mom used to play at when she was a little girl… but, this squirrel wasn’t there then, and neither was the awesome play structure….

My nephew, Hank…

5.  And, a peek at our main reason for going up there …

Another perfectly wonderful nephew.  I’ll be back on Monday with photo overload of sweet little Gideon!

See ya!  🙂

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  • Debbie - Great photos Lacey! We have tons of deer at our place too! I feed mine Deer Chow/Antler Mix …… purchase at the local farm supply store. Feeding them helps prevent them from stealing food from the birds & squirrels!

    Those guitars are so COOL!!! I love the Lego fret work and all the details!!

    Precious shots of Gideon!!

    Have a nice weekend!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mom - Good morning sweet girl. What a great variety of images! Thank you for ALL of your sharing. Another day started with a smile 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    XOXOXO to GCK from GrammieReplyCancel

  • Ryan - I like Boe’s shirt.ReplyCancel

  • Maren - love the lego guitar…very cool…oh,my sweet new baby….ooey gooeyness filling me! Love those shots…just perfect!ReplyCancel

  • Liz - HA! I need to use the left side of my frame more. My right gets over-used 😉 And I’m having the same over-abundance-of-photos-woes. I need a better system. Like, an assistant or something.

    Those guitars? SUPER cool!ReplyCancel

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