A Weekend Treat | Homemade Applesauce

It’s been a pretty good year for apples in these parts and we feel pretty fortunate  that my in-laws are willing to share some from their trees.  Because they are their’s though, and we don’t want to take advantage, I look for the injured apples to pick.  The ones with bug holes, or those that have already fallen to the ground, but yet to have been nibbled on by the deer.

I know they still work perfectly well for my purposes and I learned long ago from A Charlie Brown Christmas, even rejected fruit {ie. Christmas Trees} deserve to get used.

Making lemons into lemonade, or bad apples into applesauce.

I obviously start by washing the apples and then begin peeling them … and as I peel, I notice a little someone pushing a chair in to watch.  Or, so I thought.

I have to stop to move his chair over to the correct side of the very messy kitchen, and then he does his form of helping.

Anyway, I peel right into a slop-bucket – easy-peasy to clean up and just dump into the compost bin.

Cut out the bah-bah parts and then core, and cut into good sized chunks.

Fill until the water just covers the apples.

Add a few tablespoons of sugar (we’re usually working with some pretty tart apples)…

And simmer away.  This doesn’t take long.  The peeling and cutting takes the longest, which is actually optional if you plan on pushing it through a strainer.  I like either option and on this day, I chose the more challenging of the two.  I don’t enough challenges in my day.  😉

Again, this doesn’t take long to get the apples nice and tender, so watch closely, stirring every once in awhile.  I’ve burned a batch by getting distracted and all the water cooking out.  Boo.

If you’ve added the right amount of water, you shouldn’t have to drain any of the water.  Hopefully you don’t have to, because it holds some great flavor.

Then, I add brown sugar and cinnamon.  I suppose I should then cook it some more, so the cinnamon cooks.  This would prevent my boys from getting red skin around their mouths when eating the raw cinnamon… hind-sight gets me again.

For some reason, they like to stir in the goodness…

But, be warned … it is TOO hot for the kidlets to taste just yet.

After a bit, YOU taste it, and will likely want to add more brown sugar.

And then let the one kid who is still behaving himself be the final taste tester.

“Really?  I can try it?”

“It’s good.”  🙂

This batch was too small for canning, but filled a pretty good sized tupperware.  I think it made about 72 oz.   And it will be gone in about 3 and a half days.

Easy and and good, and we made the most of apples who thought they’d never amount to more than a greedy deer’s midnight snack.

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