Naptime Captured

        I mentioned before, probably several times, that its like I’m on a mission to document all of the little things that make up our daily life.  I’m not sure if I do it for me or for them, but at any rate, I love it.

        I have tried and tried to get up the courage to take photos of Kaden while he naps but have always been so fearful of waking him.  Until I saw THIS blog post from an amazing photographer that I know from Clickin’ Moms … whom happens to be an Admin, and an instructor of several courses taught through CMU.

        Thanks to Lynne, I finally got up the nerve to sneak into his room, open up the curtains to let in the beautiful late-morning light … and then you can see the result of that attempt from Tuesday’s post.

        So, I tried again the next day (I’m not much for backing down) and figured it better to go in at the beginning of his naptime …



        I think I’ll go ahead and keep taking lots of photos.  There is no way only one of these would suffice.  🙂

        Naptime, captured!

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