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This is such a ‘must-go’ place if you have children and live any where near Seattle.  It is located in Carnation, Washington and is a small little wonderland created just for kids. You pay to get in and the kiddos (and adults!) can go on any ride as many times as they want.  We’ve gone for the past 3 years and it keeps getting better. 

Waiting in line for the pony rides…

08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0674 08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0675 On the pony ride… (for being ‘country boys’ these kids are really pretty timid about horses…)08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0676 08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0677

Then there is the little steam engine… we’ve been on ‘miniature’ steam engines before, but this one is just ‘little’.  There are box cars that you sit in and it takes you all around the park, where there is lots of wonderful ‘little’ things to see… 08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_067908 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0681 This was the first time the boys discovered the goofy mirrors and it was a hoot and a half.  And kind of gross.  08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0686 The huge pool of hay has become a crowd favorite.  To run as fast as one can and jump as high and far as one can with out the worry of getting hurt when landing is apparently quite a draw…

08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0696 08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_069808 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0700 (Gage was working out quite a bit and got just a little sweaty… you can tell by the ‘curlier’ than normal hair, red face and hay stuck to his sweatiness.)

08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0703 Everything is farm-themed, so of course one of the rides is the flying pumpkins.

08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0706 Amazing that they let little squirts like this ride all by themselves…

08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0707 And the roller-coaster… they rode it over and over again, quickly figuring out that the front is the place to be.  Grammie told them that putting their hands in the air makes the ride more fun.  Coop agreed.  Gage, not so much. 

08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0709 Because Gage really thought he was driving this old buggy, we went on this ride several times, as well. 

08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0711 The merry-go-round wasn’t all that fun until the boys figured out they could stand up while it spun around and around.  Because the sign clearly said “Remain Seated while Ride is Moving” I thought they’d get reprimanded… but the teen-aged boy running the ride was too busy texting to notice my kids rebellion.   

08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0716 08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0717 Here’s Cooper, trying to bug the peacock into showing its pretty feathers… 08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0718 And Grammie with my boys… without her, I’d never attempt an outing like this. 

08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0719 And me and my boys…

08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0721…and me comforting Gage after he totally lost it because he couldn’t take a picture without squinting his eyes.  He was devastated that he’s going to ruin every picture with “Squinty-Eye”.  I assured him he didn’t ruin any of our pictures, but inwardly prayed that his eyes won’t always be this sensitive to the sun. 

08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0722 What would a farm be without the tractors… and behind the tractor was the pig pen! With real pot-bellied pigs.  Which made Kaden cry. 

08 19 10_Grammie&Papas_072308 19 10_Grammie&Papas_0724

Until next year… the end. 

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