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I have to bump in and double up postings today because I couldn’t wait to share these photos with you… this is what I have to deal with…

And let me ask you.  What do you notice first?  The teeth? The socks with sandals? The obvious attraction to neon green?  Or the floatie unitard?

I know, its hard to wrap your head around any of it… 08-26-10_Coopersunitardandm

All day yesterday, Cooper wore the floatie unitard.  I have no real idea why he wanted to, but if I had to guess I’d say he was trying to envision himself swimming so that next time we go to the lake he won’t be too scared (like he was last time) to jump off the dock to Matt. 

I got a kick out of it but had to practically pry it off of him for our trip to town.  He wanted to nap in it, but I assured him that wouldn’t be comfortable. 

So as soon as we had dinner, back on it went.  When I told him we were going for a walk he timidly asked, “But can I wear my floatie?”  as if he anticipated a negative answer… “Sure, bud.  Why not.” He flew out the door with glee. 

08-26-10_Coopersunitard_get08-26-10_Coopersunitardlog_08-26-10_Coopersunitard_089 And he went about the walk as he does all the others.  Despite the fact that it was actually pretty cold.  And I couldn’t believe he never even once asked to go swimming in the pond.  It was as if he wasn’t wearing a floatie unitard at all.   

08-26-10_Coopersunitard_090   Isn’t it great when kids are so inhibited?

08-26-10_Coopersunitard_088And you can just let them be?  Without worry?  We could have told him “No, dress like a normal kid!” but in this case, why?  He loved it, and having something to laugh about during our entire walk was awesome! 

Priceless.   Silly little Tupu.

(Oh, and by the way… he just woke up and came into my room as I finished this post, with, guess what in his hand… the floatie unitard.  And even though its a bit dirty from him rolling down the hill in it last night, I put it back on him because I need to embrace humor whenever possible.  Floatie unitard, in full effect.)

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  • Mom - I'm still laughing at this Tupu post, even after looking at it for the fifth time!!!!

    XO from GrammieReplyCancel

While at Grammie and Papa’s, Kaden hit a few milestones and made a few discoveries. 

First off, he popped through his first tooth – FINALLY. I haven’t gotten a picture of the little bitty thing yet, because his tongue is always messing with it…

The first night we were there, he discovered that if he cried for long enough in his bed, eventually Grammie would rock him to sleep in the hammock… 08-16-10_Grammie&Papas_079208-16-10_Grammie&Papas_079308-16-10_Grammie&Papas_0795  He also got to join the ranks of the dozens of babies who have eaten in this high chair… and he discovered that sitting backwards in it is much more entertaining than sitting forwards.


And better yet… trying to climb out of it…


As you see in both the picture above and the one below, he also discovered that he enjoys the taste of old wooden furniture… 

08-17-10_Grammie&Papas_Edsh … but NOT the taste of cooked carrots…

08-18-10_Grammie&Papas_0731 And a few more foods that he discovered (thank you Papa) that he LOVES are:


08-18-10_Grammie&Papas_0734 08-18-10_Grammie&Papas_0735 08-18-10_Grammie&Papas_0736Cherrios (by the handful).

Whipped Cream.

Corn on the Cob.

Chicken bones…


He also rediscovered his Grammie’s talent for quilt making… she threw together this one make out of 1930s fabric and we love it…

08-20-10_Grammie&Papas_0660 Lastly, he discovered taking baths in the kitchen sink… while sitting.  I was too distracted by keeping him from climbing into the other side of the sink to get a picture… but trust me, he would have spent all of his time in there… 

And if he had a chicken bone to gnaw on, all the better.   

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  • Dianne - It was your dad who gave my first baby a chicken bone as well…He was quiet for hours!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Love the second pickle shot! Too cute, I have never thought to give E a pickle…so cute!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - He is sooo cute!ReplyCancel