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For some reason I have had it in my head that a good photograph all three of my boys would be … the boys + together + looking at the camera + smiling = goal accomplished.  But anyone with multiple children knows how difficult this is and maybe that’s why we think of it as such a golden success. 

Since my kids (fortunately) can’t seem to get enough of each other, opportunities to photograph them together are plenty. Watching TV, for instance is a prime time to capture their closeness, but rarely will they look at me or smile.  Goal NOT accomplished. 


Another opportunity presented itself when I laid Kaden on the floor so that I could keep an eye on him while I dried my hair in the nearby bathroom.  It didn’t take long for him to get bored and within seconds of his first cry Gage and Cooper swept in with some entertainment… a motorcycle that drives on its own and plays music. Music to this momtog’s eyes!  I couldn’t have posed them any better … they were facing good lighting, they were happy about what they were doing and how hard could it be to get all three to look at me for the 1/650 of a second it would take to snap a photograph????  

10-08-05_0235boys10-08-05_0234boys10-08-05_0226boys Evidently…

10-08-05_0227boys 10-08-05_0228boys …pretty…

10-08-05_0229boys …darn…

10-08-05_0230boys …hard.

 10-08-05_0232boysOf course, I could probably take each of their faces from different pictures and put them together using Photoshop into a sweet “3-boys-all-smiling-at-mama photograph,” but I’m starting to realize, what’s the fun in that? 


I’ll keep attempting to get a shot described above, but I recognize that the ones I get in the meantime are valuable in their own way – I see the humor in their imperfection, much like how lately, I’m finding the humor in the imperfection and chaos that simply comes from having 3 little boys. 

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  • Mom - Oh, so cute. Three sweet and sometimes goofy faces that always bring a smile to their grammie's face. Thank you for the memorable weekend.


  • Erica - Woohoo! I figured out how to comment! Now you know I'm on here.;) I especially like the one where Cooper is giving you a super sweet smile.ReplyCancel

  • Erica - Pic 5ReplyCancel

  • Dianne - While we were waiting for a baby to arrive last night, the dad and I were looking at the pictures on this post. Without having said anything to him about your 3 boys, he said, "The one on the right looks like he could easily find trouble!" I reassured him that ALL of your boys are very sweet :0)

    Auntie DianneReplyCancel