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in the grass and in the hay…   You know you’re a mom (or maybe a school teacher or daycare provider) when certain images make lines from a children’s book pop into your head.

Anyway, I took these pictures of Gage on one of our evening walks back from the pond.  I was trying to play with sun-flare in my photos, but mostly just got blinded by my attempts.   


Except for with these two… kinda looks like a jelly fish is coming at him through the trees.  But that is actually sun-flare, which is what happens when light hits directly into the lens and bounces around inside it, affecting the picture in pretty cool ways.  Sometimes.  Here, I think it is a bit distracting, so I’ll go ahead and edit it out.

Now you see it…  


… now you don’t! Gageinthehay1E



No Jellyfish.

Gageinthehay2E Just thought I’d share these photos, today, and the usefulness of the ‘cloning’ in photoshop … it’s great for taking out everything from cookie crumbs on a child’s face, to dirt on shoes (I wouldn’t go that far), to entire people (I would go that far)! It is amazing, and a little crazy, what editing can do.  

(By the way, we’ve been out of town this weekend and I hope to have some pictures to share from our time in Seattle.)  

(and in case you’re wondering, the line I was quoting is from The Big Red Barn … great children’s book!)

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